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Photos and comments on my bargain buys... Of course, a few higher priced items may appear from time to time if I feel that the quality outweighs the cost.

Saturday, 2 April 2011

Weekly Bargain Round Up: Summer Clothes & More!

It's Saturday morning and I've just been to the Post Office depot to collect my eBay and Big Wardrobe swap parcels....

Lots of summer clothes this week. I've put on a dress size each year more or less and gone from a 6 at my slimmest, to a 10-12 where I'm at now. So last year's size 8 summer clothes simply won't work!

I received this lovely Miss Selfridge dress in a swap this week. So technically that makes it priced at £0. I love how flowing it is since it's pure silk, and I used to have the skirt version of this years ago, which I loved.

These are all other £0 priced items from bigwardrobe swaps. The black cropped cardigan will be perfect over strappy dresses this summer, and both the vest tops are oversized and I'll be able to wear them with tighter shorts, jeans, etc, and not have to worry about showing my lumps and bumps! The belt is a lovely extra that I'm hoping to wear with some of my dresses. I don't tend to wear belts that often but I think this one will add a little 'something' to an otherwise plain outfit. 

Here is a little round up of my non-clothing swaps and purchases of the week. 100ml Vera Wang Princess, a little used, so bought cheaply off eBay for only £23 including postage. The 50ml Vera Wang EDP, 200ml Body Creme and 4ml Parfum came to just under £30 including postage, again from eBay, and a huge bargain since the creme alone retails at £68. The lovely diamante cardigan pin (just visible) is another swap, as is the fluffly hot water bottle which will be perfect for keeping my new baby kitten warm (it's just 6 days old and too young to generate it's own body heat). 

I'm off for a bit of a mooch round the shops now so I may be blogging again very soon! xxx

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