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debbie's bargain hunt

Photos and comments on my bargain buys... Of course, a few higher priced items may appear from time to time if I feel that the quality outweighs the cost.

Friday, 24 December 2010

Pre Christmas Clear Out

After holding onto just about everything I've bought over the last year, I've decided today is the day that I'll drop a few sacks off at the charity shop....

Hopefully I will find replacements though! :-)

This last week alone I've bought a French Connection dress for £4, a Miso Blouse for £3, and a New Look long sleeved vest for £3.

The New Look top doesn't seem like a bargain.... BUT.... I managed to destroy exactly the same top only a few days ago (nail varnish incident) so when I found this one in tact in my local Charity Shop, it was too good to be true!

Hmmm... no piccies yet, I must make a mental note to take photos of everything I buy. Blogs without photos are never as interesting ;-)

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

People Tree Goody Bag

After reading about the People Tree Goody Bags on the Money Saving Expert Forums, I was determined to get one for myself.
For £35 you would be sent a box of around 6 mystery items. All you did was state your size when ordering. 
When I ordered my box a 20% discount code and free postage was available. This meant that my box was only £28. Too much of a bargain to ignore to be honest!!

I ordered a size 10 box and hoped for the best (my size tends to vary from place to place).

In my box I received:

1 x Hand Knitted Wooly Hat in Blue (will use as part of a Christmas Present).
1 x Green Short Sleeved T Shirt with the People Tree Logo. 
1 x Plain White Short Sleeved T Shirt
1 x Long Sleeved Black T Shirt (will use as part of a Christmas Present as this is a Size Small rather than 10 and therefore is too small. Bit cheeky when I ordered a size 10 box!). 
1 x Long Sleeved Turtle Neck Light Blue T Shirt / Top
1 x Tweed Knee Length Pencil Skirt (Luckily I work in an office otherwise I'm not sure where I'd wear it!)

All in all, probably not worth the money. For someone like me who is used to shopping in charity shops, swapping and bargain hunting on eBay it wasn't cheap. For someone who always likes to have brand new but is also keen to stick to organic / fairtrade, it would be a good deal. 


Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Lovely Bargains from the month of November:

£1.50 Gorgeous Red Chiffon Blouse with Frills, buttons down the back, and best of all... an adorable Flamingo print!! I'd spotted a fellow commuter wearing this on the train so when I saw it in a local charity shop I had to snap it up! Originally from Next.

Next up it's my new DKNY canvas bag. Another charity shop bargain. A very affordable £3.99.

On the same trip I also managed to snap up a pair of Abercombie & Fitch jeans for £7 (perfect fit!), £1 beach dress for my holiday in a few weeks, £12 quilted coat (similar to the ones I love in Hobbs), a beautiful handmade dress for a fiver (another perfect fit!) and so much more that I won't even bore you with!

And a cheeky extra two! Just for luck! My Aquascutum Jacket for £20 off eBay and my Kate Moss for Topshop cardi. £3 in yet another charity shop! It really does make sense to look in these places!! 

About my blog...

Just lately I've turned into a very successful (if I do say so myself!) bargain hunter. On a weekly basis I end up with a hoard of new clothes (not to mention bags, shoes and everything else) at bargain prices from all sorts of places.

I'd love to share these bargains with anyone who's interested so anyone can find themselves fabulous and unique discounted items. As long as you don't steal all the bargains from my local area I am happy to share my success stories! :)

This is my first post so I'll keep it short but sweet. Please expect to see my bargain items listed from time to time....

Watch this space! xxx