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debbie's bargain hunt

Photos and comments on my bargain buys... Of course, a few higher priced items may appear from time to time if I feel that the quality outweighs the cost.

Monday, 18 April 2011

Monday Bargains: Summer Treats from my Postman!

Off work today since I was a bit under the weather. The only interesting thing that happened was when the postman knocked on the door and woke me up!

Here's what he brought for me today:

Jane Norman studded heart racer back vest £0 (from a Big Wardrobe swap), "Bud Girl" vest top £0 (swap), Body Shop Body Butter £0 (swap) and a stunning handmade brooch £0 (swap). 

Not a bad little collection for £0 and a bit of a summer theme too! 

I've got a plain orange patent leather bag from Marni that I haven't had a chance to wear. I might try adding the brooch to the clasp for a nice summery look handbag.

Vest tops will come in handy on my Cornwall trip in June, and obviously the body butter since I'm bound to get sunburnt at some point! :-O


  1. Ooh where are you going in Cornwall? You'll love it :) x

  2. Post Isaac - I have no idea where abouts that is but i'm going with my b/f's whole family and dogs! Quite a lot of us :) lol x

  3. I used to live on the Lizard Point, my parents are still down there so will be planning a trip home in the Summer :) x