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debbie's bargain hunt

Photos and comments on my bargain buys... Of course, a few higher priced items may appear from time to time if I feel that the quality outweighs the cost.

Saturday, 9 April 2011

Pound Shop Bargains and £2 Cancer Research Sale

Was up bright and early this morning and headed straight to town! First stop was Cancer Research (a charity shop and I'm sure most will know). They were selling most things in store for £2 each. I came away with a River Island tiger print long top / dress for wearing with leggings, a vintage patent black leather handbag and a pair of vintage looking heels with floral bows.

I also popped into Poundland and Home Bargains to pick up a few bits. Home Bargains are still doing the Girls Aloud Festival Lashes for 99p a pair so I got a few of my favourites. Couldn't resist some jelly beans either!! Haha! They're addictive! I got some nail stickers from Pound Land so I might have a go this afternoon and see how they turn out. Also discovered these Hello Kitty body butters for £1 each. The cherry one is particularly lovely, smells just like Cherry Drops! A great consistency too!


  1. I've given up buying clothes for lent....and it kills me to see the charity shop bargains you keep finding! I live in charity shop town...there is about 6 withing 50 metres of each other!

  2. Which charity shops do you prefer to pop into? I always pop into the Oxfam ones in Manchester but everything is always really expensive. Understandably for the Oxfam Originals but even in the normal shop they're just as expensive.

    My town is alright for shopping in charity shops but more often than none, I come away with nothing :( I also find that local charity shops don't carry much 'vintage'

  3. Invisible Squirrel: I could never give up shopping! I'm quite a boring person really, it's my only real interest! I might have to hold back a bit though because the cost still does add up and I'm fast running out of space! x

    Meowcake: I tend to favour the charity shops that aren't part of any chain, there's a little one in the next town to me that's ran by the local council. The prices tend to be cheaper and they have a higher turn over too. With somewhere like Oxfam I'll only pick something up if I really love it, but if I'm in a charity shop where items are only a pound or so, I end up with more. There's one called Second Time Around Boutique that I avoid like the plague. Just scabby old things that they pass off as 'vintage' lol x

  4. my fave charity shop is save the children it always have fab stuff :)

  5. The best charity shop near me is Age UK, they always have really good stuff in although its usually a bit more expensive. St Gemmas Hospice is pretty good too and also has loads of body shop stuff too not just clothes!