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debbie's bargain hunt

Photos and comments on my bargain buys... Of course, a few higher priced items may appear from time to time if I feel that the quality outweighs the cost.

Monday, 25 April 2011

Easter Weekend Charity Shop Buys

On Saturday Scott sent me down the road with £20 to buy BBQ things... I came back (late) with these:

ASOS harem style jumpsuit - £5 from Unicef charity shop. I've never worn a jumpsuit and I wondered what it'd look like on... Over all I quite liked the style, though this one seems a bit strange round the neckline. Too many criss cross straps for my liking!

Topshop bubble hem dress. I picked this up for £4 from the same charity shop. Scott burst out laughing when he saw me in this. Apparently the skirt pattern looks like one of those 90s optical illusion puzzles where you squint your eyes and can see a picture in the middle. Well I tried it with the dress and there was no hidden picture! I wasn't put off by any of this and will still wear the dress!

I'd been after a really long maxi skirt for a while so I picked this one up for another £4. I was more keen to find a floral one that wasn't so 'flowy' but I'll still wear this a few times I think. It's a great length since I struggle to find maxi dresses or skirts that go further than my ankles.

Lastly, I picked up this Fiorelli bag for £3. Not my usual style but it seems quite vintage looking to me and I the clasp looked a bit 'Vivienne Westwood'. I'll probably use this once or twice then pass it onto someone else.

Sunday, tried my luck at a Bootsale... have no idea if I just left it too late, or if there wasn't a good turn out due to it being Easter Sunday... but either way, I didn't get a thing and was quite disappointed! Better luck next time I guess!


  1. i love the asos jumpsuit,if you decide to swap it please give me first refusal :)
    in reply to your carboot question, i usually go pretty early about 7.30-8am,its pot luck whether there is anything decent there but i seem to find something,i tend to find some great bargains,must be luck and a little patience i guess :)

  2. All the charity shops near me sell their stuff quite expensive but it is a tourist destination so that could be it. I'll try my village.
    I'm glad you're wearing the dress despite what Scott said!
    Did you manage to buy BBQ stuff then? ;)

  3. mixnmatch1: I don't know if I could get my other half up and out the house that early on a non-work day! I think I'm more shy to rummage through people's stuff when they're actually standing there which may be why I'm more successful in a charity shop!
    I'll probably wear the jumpsuit once then list it for swaps, I'll keep you posted! :)

  4. meowcake: Where I live there's quite a mix of nice and not so nice areas, not that far apart from each other. I've found that the poorer areas can sometimes have the best (and most reasonable priced) things. I really don't know why this is... maybe less money spent on living / more on clothes!? Who knows!
    Lol, I did manage to buy some BBQ bits but I paid by card, then bought way too much, to try and justify not giving him change! :) x

  5. ♥Love your post.) So nice.) ♥