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Photos and comments on my bargain buys... Of course, a few higher priced items may appear from time to time if I feel that the quality outweighs the cost.

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Up to 70% off Lipsy Sale on Brand Alley

I know I'm not the only obsessive Lipsy fan out there so I'm including a link to Brand Alley, a website which is free to sign up to with regular sales on lots of popular brands. This is the first Lipsy sale I've seen on Brand Alley since signing up a month or so ago.

I like this multi coloured gem cuff in particular but can't justify the cost at the moment. It is £19 but P&P wil easily take this over the £20 mark. If it doesn't sell out within a day or so I may reconsider...

As with all good sales, I've been too late and most of the lowest priced items have gone already. Still, if you're quick you could pick this lovely dress for £15:

I get a feeling that some of the dresses are a "too young" for me (I'm 23). If I was younger and slimmer I'd find it even harder to resist them!

Let's see if I can let this sale pass by...... xxx

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