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debbie's bargain hunt

Photos and comments on my bargain buys... Of course, a few higher priced items may appear from time to time if I feel that the quality outweighs the cost.

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Some favourites I have been wearing recently: Old and New!

I thought it might be fun to take a few piccies of some of the clothes I've been wearing this month. These items have all come from swaps or charity shops, so prices range from £0 for the swaps to around £3.

Lipsy skirt £0 - free in a swap

Kaftan top £0 - free in a swap

Miss Selfridge Angora Blend cardi £3.99 - from Rayliegh (Essex) Oxfam charity shop

Red bubble print dress £0 - free from a swap

Harem Pants £0 from DP's - free in a swap (thank you mixnmatch1 !!)

Worker boots £0 - free from a swap

All Saints black glitter skinny jeans £0 - free from a swap

These days it seems that the large majority of my clothes (and everything else!) come from swaps, charity shops or ebay. I can't say this is saving me money as such, because I make up for buying cheaply by buying lots. But it does mean that I don't have anything in my wardrobe that goes unworn and I have a way bigger selection to chose from :)


  1. your welcome hun, glad you like the harems :)

  2. That red dress is lovely