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Saturday, 26 March 2011

Crochet Handmade Headbands for Babies and Grown ups!

So I've been making headbands for quite a while now after getting into crochet a few years ago. These ones with flowers seem to be the most popular for baby girls and grown women alike!

If you'd like any of these I can make to order in any colour combination. I charge £5.50 (through paypal) including postage and they're a great gift for girls of any age!

(Didn't intend this post to be a sales pitch but I've just made a few now for a friend's baby, and thought they were too cute not to include in blog post for today!)

I personally think these large crochet flowers on a thin band are the prettiest and work well in neutral colours.

These are the style I tend to make for babies - they look so pretty on! Wish I had time to make more but I only manage to do a couple a week due to work / being lazy :-O

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