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debbie's bargain hunt

Photos and comments on my bargain buys... Of course, a few higher priced items may appear from time to time if I feel that the quality outweighs the cost.

Friday, 14 January 2011

Lucky Bag from

If there's one thing I can't resist it's a bargain.......

But if there's something else I find even harder to resist it's a surprise!! :-0

So imagine my delight when I discovered the goody / lucky bags available at! 

For a mere £22.50 (including postage) I got a selection of 12 lovely jewellery items!

Including this GORGEOUS Hello Kitty ring:

and this necklace worth £15 alone:

A fabulous selection of items, and would make a perfect present for a lucky lady! (£10 bags are also available with 5 items).


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